Google brings Universal Analytics update and giant banner ads

20.11.2013 Fabian Rendon
Google is bringing two major changes to its platforms. The first is in the Google Analytics department and the second one is in the banner ads section. Many users have been planning to upgrade from the old Google Analytics to the new and better-looking Universal Analytics. If you haven’t upgraded to the new analytics yet, Google is now offering a new dual-step upgrade. This upgrade has a new tool, which Google claims, will be offered in a few weeks in Google Analytics’ admin section.

Click the blue-colored “Transfer” button, and it’ll start a process that takes 24 to 48 hours. Then upgrade the tracking code on your site or sites to complete the transfer. This’ll open your site to all the features of the new Universal Analytics.

Google will eventually provide you with Universal Analytics, whether you upgrade or not. Without concern whether websites will use the new DIY tool or not, Google is going to upgrade all the accounts. Google has already announced that they plant to build all the future updates and features on the new Universal Analytics infrastructure.

The second development at Google is that the largest search engine is testing giant banner ads in its search results. The giant banner ads are currently in test phase in the US, for certain brand-based search queries. Users have so far not reported about any such test, but Google has already confirmed that it’s taking place at a small scale. The banner ad will take a large portion on the page, and it’ll be exclusive.

Google demonstrated a test ad for Southwest Airlines. It featured other non-brand ads text ads from other companies. Once the brand results show the website of Southwest Airlines, the regular organic results appear on the same portion of the page when the ad appears in the results. This eventually means that the new feature is not going to affect the organic search results but the AdWords ads.

These are two new major changes on Google, planned to come into mainstream in a few weeks. As they are in their test phase, users and companies can expect to see them with even more dramatic changes.

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