How to keep your website safe

16.12.2013 Magdalena Gauci

The Internet is the most effective tool for marketing and communication in the business life today. There are several concerns every website owner has at the back of his mind. These concerns involves: how to market his or her website, how to get quality content for the website and the biggest worry is how to keep your website safe.

Security is the biggest concern especially where financial transactions are involved. Hackers can introduce malware that can lead to many problems like viruses that can infect other computers, spam pages and website redirection.

The website owner should put measures in place to protect himself and his visitors from such dangers. These measures include:

Proper use of passwords: Set strong passwords that consists of a mixture of alphanumeric characters and symbols.

Making use of firewalls and antiviruses that protect computers. This can also help to protect your website. Always use the latest version of antivirus software and update frequently.

Use spam filters for emails and comment because they can be used to contaminate your website.

If you are not good in coding it is advisable to use open source scripts. Companies like Drupal, Majento, or Wordpress offer scripts that you can modify and use as per your requirements.

Seeking services from a professional web host who will help you to put security measures in place.

Make sure that your website is free from misuse; this could lead to your site being blacklisted. It is advisable to do a web clean up regularly. Doing this will get rid of unwanted, suspicious and unknown scripts.

Make sure that you backup your site to keep your data safe just in case something happens.

These tips will help you from being hacked but always remember that even security experts get hacked. The best thing to keep in mind is that you should always be prepared for the worst. When you are hacked get your site back on track fast. Keep your risk low always and you will be safe. A risky website scares away client and revenue goes down. Keep safe.

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