Incorporating a business in Uganda

25.6.2014 Julian Blazek

When registering a company in Uganda you begin by submitting the reservation form for a name of the company at the Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB) at a cost of USH (Ugandan Shilling) 25,000 plus a bank fee of USH 2,000. It is required that all non tax payment is made at the bank including this one. After paying the necessary money to the bank you may now reserve the name at no extra cost.

You must then sign a declaration of compliance at the commissioner of oaths at a cost that ranges from USH 2,000 TO USH 10,000. You can obtain the bank payment advice form on the Internet or at the Ugandan registration services bureau at no charge. Next the entrepreneur must pay the money to the designated banks.

Once you have gone through the other process you may now file the registration documents at the registrar’s office to obtain the certificate of incorporation. This registration takes place at the Uganda registration service bureau, in order to complete the process you will need:

A completed application form

Statement of nominal account

Declaration of the compliance particulars of the directors and secretaries - changes in company staff should be updated with the registrar.

You will also need form 9A, which is a notice of the situation of the registered address of the company and the company resolutions. The registration fee is USH 50,000, with a 0.5% stamp duty on the share capital, stamp duty on memorandum and articles of association USH 35,000, then there is overall filling of USH 25,000, form 3 USH 2,000, form 7 USH 20,000, form 8 USH 20,000 and form A 9 USH 20,000.

You should then register the business for taxes and receive an inspection of the premises from the relevant authorities at no charge. Obtain an application form for the trading licenses and then pay the license fee at the bank; the fee is according to the size of business you need to register.

The trading license comes at cost of USH 400,000. Next you should register with the national social security fund at no charge and finally make a company seal at the coat of USH 225,000.

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