What is FileZilla

28.4.2014 Magdalena Gauci
FileZilla is a program used to transfer files. It is an open source application and is offered for free to users to download from the Internet. When you are downloading this file from the Internet you should have it in mind that you should not give any personal details or any form of payment. When searching for a download file make sure that you enter the file name in the collect spelling to get rid of fraudulent pages where you are asked for membership.

A file transfer program is very important because it helps users to upload files to their web hosting servers or to download files from their servers to their computer hard disc. When you are downloading files to your computer you are required to download the FileZilla client and not the FileZilla server.

Uses of a file transfer program

It uploads and downloads files from the computer to the server and vice versa.
It has the ability to do in-place editing.
It enables the user to work in secure mode and it also has a keep alive function.
Features drag-and-drop functionality. This means that you can drag files from your computer and drop them to your server or from the server to the computer.

Advantages of using FileZilla

FileZilla is a very secure program to use because if you forget to disconnect from your server or you remain for a long time without using it, the program will disconnect as a security precaution.

After you have closed the program and you want to resume where you left you do not need to enter the data afresh because this program has an option that directs you to the server you used last time.

Reconnecting to the server is easy because the program will give you an option to reconnect back to the server directly.

Disadvantage of using FileZilla

FileZilla has a very complicated user interface. When you fire it up, there are many windows that open. A person who has not used this program long enough to master it will not know which of the windows to close so that they can continue with the right ones. The function to deactivate the many windows is a bit hidden, getting to it is a bit of a task.

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